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How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was a little busy. I had to finish up some projects and prepare for the week ahead.

I am sitting here in front of my computer, eating some Wendy’s and putting thoughts down on digital words.

It should be interesting to see the future of Minecraft. You wonder if something will eventually supplant this great idea or if it will continue to grow and stay alive for a long time?

When people hear Minecraft, they think of pixellated green blocks or LEGO esque characters carrying pick axes, but the real genius of Minecraft is something much more simple. In one word, it is creation.

Yes, creation and allowing within that creation  the tools to build anything you can imagine. That  is the simple genius of Minecraft. So many games today are very scripted. Game designers are not taught that great games are those that allow the user to create their own reality.

Games like Bioware’s Mass Effect series focused on character choice and making their own story. When a creative individual could design a working computer in Minecraft using Red Stone, we knew that the world was changed forever.

Simple game design, a prime example being Monopoly developed during the great depression, have these same simple elements. You have a defined set of rules, but within those rules you can choose. Do you buy Boardwalk and have only $200 after passing go and then land on your friend’s hotel at Pennsylvania Avenue? In the same vein of choice, do you go out and walk around at dark in Minecraft with skeletons and creepers about or do you stay inside and slowly starve?

Choice such a small but powerful word. Hopefully more games will incorporate this into their design.

On another cool note, Minecraft Books  released a new guide for Minecraft. Minecraft: The Ultimate Minecraft Combat Guide For Survival



Minecraft: The Ultimate Minecraft Combat Guide For Survival

An excerpt from the description:

“Learn everything you need to know in this handbook to become a true player of the game, master every weapon and defeat every enemy. Both new players and experienced players will learn something new! You can expect to learn:

How to Build a Fort
How to Craft Weapons
How to Craft Armor
Setting Traps
Fighting Monsters
Fighting Players
And Much More!”

Thank you for reading my friends. Have a great Monday!

Hazel Hart, Award Winning Author Interview

Snapshot Hazel Hart, for blog


Author of
The Survivalist’s Daughter (published in June 2013)
The Night before Christmas
Family History
Possessing Sara

Thank you, Hazel, for the honor of allowing us to interview you for Minecraft Books.


Hazel Hart, a member of Kansas Authors Club, has won awards for her short fiction, including “Amanda Marie,” published in Kansas Voices, and “Confessions,” in Words out of the Flatlands. Both stories have also been included in a collection of short stories, The Nancy Nolan Show.
Hazel has two published suspense novels, The Night before Christmas and Like Mother, Like Daughter , one young adult novel, The Survivalist’s Daughter, and co-authored two books of short stories, Dark Side of the Rainbow and Edge of Nowhere with Bonnie Eaton aka B.J. Myrick.
Hazel has taught English composition for a community college since 1998 and is currently working on a series of books that focus on helping students better understand the rules of writing.

1. What was your first published book?
“My first published book was The Nancy Nolan Show, a collection of short stories about a talk show host and her effect on viewers and guests.”

2. Why do you enjoy writing as an indie author?

“I enjoy the freedom to publish my book when it is ready. When I was submitting to agents and editors in search of a traditional publishing contract, I had to wait months for a reply. In my last attempt, I met an editor at a writing conference, pitched my novel, and received his permission to send it to him for review. After eight months or so, I wrote a letter asking if he had reviewed the book. He did not respond. A couple of months later, a news story broke that was connected to my novel’s story line. I wrote again, pointing out the connection and how the time was right to market the novel. I asked for the return of the manuscript if the editor was not interested in publishing it. He did not respond. About fifteen months after the original submission, I sent a letter demanding the return of the manuscript. When I received it with a form rejection, it was obvious the novel had never been read. Not a single page had a bent corner or any other evidence that it had been touched. That experience had me saying “never again,” to the traditional publishing process.”

3. The biggest challenge to being an indie author in today’s publishing world?
“My biggest challenge is connecting with readers. I think it might be a bit easier for genre and nonfiction writers, but my stories do not fit neatly into bookshelf categories. Most have a female protagonist who is somewhat of a loner and a storyline with an element of suspense.”

4. A favorite fan review or memory?
“When I published the e-book of my fourth novel, The Survivalist’s Daughter on Kindle, I offered it free during the launch. About three weeks later, someone published a review, and my heart sank. “Preachy!” the heading said. The brief paragraph explained why. I was in shock as I had been trying to encourage people to think, not tell them what to think. Not only was it rated two stars, it was the only review!

Then a few weeks later, someone posted another review, this time with five stars and a heading that read “A hidden treasure! Great book!” followed by a paragraph of praise. Talk about ecstatic! I didn’t come back to earth for several days. At last, there was something to offset that horrible first evaluation.”

5. Advice for new writers?
“Write and then rewrite. After you have written, find a circle of writing friends. Critiques groups are wonderful if the members are honest and kind. Both qualities are important. If your friends tell you only what you want to hear, you may end up publishing something before it is ready. If they are not kind, you may become discouraged.

“Relentless” is how I refer to B.J. Myrick, one of my close writing friends, a term that best describes her persistent reminders that it is time stop procrastinating and get back to work on a book. Every writer could use a relentless friend like her.”

6. Goals for writing in the next year?
“My first goal is to keep to a writing schedule. Nothing gets done without that. I am working on two very different series. The first series chronicles a family of women and their adventures. The first book is set in 1855, Kansas Territory. The second series is my first attempt at nonfiction. The working title for this series is Write to Fit and will consist of brief books that concentrate on specific areas of writing, from the basics of putting a sentence together to the fine points of an effective style.”

7. Anything exciting or new coming out soon?
“To borrow and twist a saying: Excitement is in the eye of the beholder. The plan is for the first book in my Write to Fit series, Basic Sentence Structure, to be published in September, 2014. I’m excited. Are you? If you are a student struggling to get rid of the sea of red marks on your essay saying “run-on sentence” or “fragment,” you should be.”

To check out my books, visit my Amazon author’s page at

To find out what is happening now visit my blog at

Why do you read Minecraft Books?

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a good weekend. Drinking my coffee this morning as I sit down to write this short post, I am happy to be part of the Minecraft Experience.

This morning I started to think about the reasons why people read books on Minecraft. For me personally, it is to become better at the game or to learn about new mods.

I think that sometimes we forget about  all the potential Minecraft has to help children learn. Being able to apply real life situations and problems in a game simulation children love has vast potential. One day I think we will see Minecraft or something similar part of the American education system.

I would love to hear about how Minecraft has helped your children to learn.

One of the guides we publish that has helped me when playing Minecraft is  Minecraft: The Ultimate Minecraft All-In-One Guide



Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to check us out on Amazon. Minecraft Books

Author Interview with Amazing Children’s Indie Author Jocelyn Murray

Minecraft Books is delighted to interview Jocelyn Murray! Thank you, Jocelyn, for this unique privilege.

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

“Jocelyn Murray is a professional travel writer who also writes fiction. She is the author of Khu: A Tale of Ancient Egypt, as well as the teen/young adult historical fantasy fiction series The Gilded Mirror. She holds two university master’s degrees in both English and Education, along with an undergraduate degree in Economics and European Studies. She also has a teaching credential and taught elementary school in the Los Angeles Unified School District.”

1. What was your first published book?

“My first published book was The Gilded Mirror: Corfe Castle.

2. Why do you enjoy writing as an indie author?

“I love the freedom writing as an indie author provides.”

3. The biggest challenge to being an indie author in today’s publishing world?

“The biggest challenge to being an indie author in today’s publishing world is not being taken seriously. Indie authors do not have the same credibility that a publishing house provides.”

4. A favorite fan review or memory?

“A favorite memory: my daughter’s initial reaction to reading my first book The Gilded Mirror: Corfe Castle (which is dedicated to her): ‘“I can’t believe you wrote this!”’

5. Advice for new writers?

“Advice for new writers: write what you love. Don’t write what you think will sell. If you write what you love, it will sell itself.”

6. Goals for writing in the next year?

“My goals for writing in the next year: more of my professional writing – articles on family-friendly travels and venues.”

7. Anything exciting or new coming out soon?

“My 4th book was recently published in February of this year: Khu: A Tale of Ancient Egypt. It is an historical fiction book that takes place at the end of the First Intermediate Period over 4,000 years ago, and is based on real events.”


Minecraft Books New Minecraft Children’s Comic Book


Minecraft Books is happy to showcase our recent entry in a Minecraft comic book for kids. Minecraft Comic Book: The N00b, The Pig & Herobrine (Minecraft Books) We hope that our readers will enjoy it.

If you would like to receive a free copy to review on your blog, please send us a message from our About Us page. Thank you.


Minecraft Server Spotlight: CreativeFun

Tween Fiction Girl

This is a cool server because it’s just creative. The plots are enormous, and it’s super simple to do what you want to do. I think this is a really neat server to play on. You can find it at

Thanks for checking this out!!

Summer 😉

P.S. I am wearing armor because my current skin is 1.8 so I look like I just got out of bed without it on.

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fat vampire

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