Amazing World of Minecraft

Remember the first time you logged into a Minecraft Server? There was before you a strange block world just waiting to be explored. A pixelated wonder created by Markuss Person, aka Notch. Now there are so many mods that playing a vanilla server is more like going back in time. shows that 14,794,611 people have bought the game since Minecraft’s start. In the last 24 hours, 16,107 people bought the game. This is the size of some small cities in the United States. It is amazing how fast Minecraft grows every day!

New novels based on the Minecraft world are now popular. We have our own that tells a really amazing Minecraft story about Steve. The Amazing Tale of Steve: A Minecraft Novel!




Steve is joined by his friends Marvin and Jack to help decide the fate of a full-scale war in the world of Minecraft. Do you have any favorite novels about Minecraft as well? I would love to see a full scale movie made in the world of Minecraft. A studio like Marvel Comics would probably be an awesome fit for such a project.

Here is a short quiz for you….

  1. What was the name of Minecraft before it became Minecraft as we know it today?
  2. What is the date when noteblocks were introduced into Minecraft?
  3. When did Endermen show up in Minecraft?
  4. Who took over creative control of Minecraft from Notch?
  5. When was Minecraft on Xbox 360 released?

If you are able to answer all 5 you are a diehard player, 3 or more makes you a fan, 3 or less and you need to play some more Minecraft!

Thanks for reading this short blog. We will update every Monday with fresh new content about the exciting world of Minecraft!



Answers Below:

  1. Cave Game
  2. December 20, 2010
  3. June, 2011
  4. Jens Bergensten
  5. May, 2012

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