Ten Amazing Fun Mini Games in Minecraft

Minecraft mini games are something that has taken the Minecraft world by storm. Did you know that Bomberman from the 1980s has been resurrected for Minecraft? Called Bombcraft. It allows for four players to duke it out in a maze using TNT and a single flint and steel at the spawn point.

Above is a YouTube video of players duking it out in Minecraft.

Did you know that you can play soccer aka football in Minecraft? Creeper Soccer is the answer to multiplayer soccer in the wonderful world of Minecraft. Here is a recent Creeper Soccer Youtube video from LetsPLay

Mount up and ride! Minecraft now has a jousting mini game where you can compete against another player in a tournament arena to the adulation of adoring Minecraft players. Become the hero of the realm

You can learn about all these and more in Ten Amazing Fun Mini Games in Minecraft. Minecraft players are already starting to comment about this new mini game strategy guide.


Get your own copy today! Ten Amazing Fun Mini Game in Minecraft


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