Interview with David Carter, Amazon Indie Author

Thank you, David, for sharing with us today. Our blog readers always enjoy interviews with famous indie authors.

Tell us a little about yourself, please.

“My name is David Carter and I am based on the south coast of England. The sea is only a mile away and I try to get down there and walk along the cliffs most mornings, so long as it is not lashing down. I find I can think well there, and often come up with some half decent ideas, leastways I hope they are. On a crisp sunny morning like today, after the wet winter we have had, it’s a real treat.

I am a bookseller by trade – I have around 12,000 titles in the house, and don’t ask me where they are, because they are everywhere! But it would be nice to sell a few more of “my” books, as opposed to everyone else’s!” 

1. What was your first published book?

“My first published book was SPLAM! – it’s still available now, though it is dreadfully out of date. It may sound like a computer game or something similar, but is in fact a business book – Successful Property Letting And Management – the first letters quite by accident made up SPLAM! And I thought that pretty cool, and it really fitted well and it sold really well too. Still does, though as I say, the content is now woefully out of date.”

2. Why do you enjoy writing as an indie author?

“Like a lot of indie authors I have no alternative, but I came to the conclusion that if the big publishing houses didn’t want my stuff, it was much better being out there, than rotting away under my bed, which it was for a very long time. But I like the complete control it gives me, I can write what I like, when I like, and put it out when I am ready, and price it as I want, and pretty much all the royalties come back to me, so that’s cool. Still like a major publisher though. But who wouldn’t?”

3. The biggest challenge to being an indie author in today’s publishing world?

“Oh, it’s got to be the selling, hasn’t it? It takes up a lot of time, – time that I would prefer to spend writing, but it just has to be done. I have always been HOPELESS at selling my books, but just recently I am treating it more seriously, and I have been having a little bit of success. I have been interviewed by a major newspaper this week and hope to be featured in there over the Easter weekend, so I’m hoping that will raise the profile of my books. You just have to keep at it, that’s my thought on the subject.”

4. A favorite fan review or memory?

“A fan review? Not sure it is that, but I had a fantastic review come in from America just yesterday – here’s the link to that – and it just made my day and helps me get out of bed in the morning, reading something like that.…

Oh yes, there as another that stands out, Margaret Henderson Smith, an author herself, wrote about my philandering man book: “The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene” – Within its genre this is the best book I have ever read – something like that, which was really cool, and as you can imagine I was chuffed to bits that anyone could write that about one of my books.”

5. Advice for new writers?

“Be patient! Don’t put it out before it’s ready. We have all read indie books that could be half decent but have simply been put out long before they were ready. Put it under the bed if you can and leave it there for a year – yes, I know it’s a hard thing to do, when you desperately want to put your stuff out there – but if you can do that, when you return to it, you will find many areas that you can improve on, and your book will be all the better for that. So, write the best book you possibly can, be patient with it, and only put it out when it is ready!

And of course: READ MORE – your writing will always improve if you do that.”

6. Goals for writing in the next year?

“I am just proofreading my next book entitled “The Legal and the Illicit” a story of Love, Hatred, Ambition, and Revenge – so the blurb says, it’s set against the background of commodity trading and big business, and does feature my man, Walter Darriteau, in the final third of the book. 

After that I have finished 90% of an all new Walter Darriteau murder mystery, and after that still, I am planning on writing a sequel to the aforementioned “The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene” which is about a philandering man who doesn’t treat women well, and of course what goes around comes around, and it all goes terribly wrong for him, and justifiably so. A few ladies have asked me to write that sequel, so that’s nice, and I hope to get round to that in the next 18 months or so.”

7. Anything exciting or new coming out soon?

“Well, “The Sound of Sirens” is only just out and I am busy promoting that one, and then as I mentioned above “The Legal and the Illicit” should be out in the summer.

That’s it, I think, – thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about my writing and my books, there is loads more info and stuff as you know on my

Best of luck with your writing and your blog.”

Thank you, David. We are excited about the future of Minecraft Books.



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