Stephen B. Fraser – Outstanding Amazon Indie Author Interview

Thank you Stephen for allowing us to interview you. We are excited to learn more about you today!

Stephen B. Fraser (1971- ) was born in Sacramento, California. While growing up in North Idaho and Western Montana he learned to appreciate the outdoors and the naturalist lifestyle. He is a confirmed realist, and student of human nature. He has written several short stories under a pen name. His first book was released in Feb 2012 under his own name. Stephen currently resides in beautiful North Idaho with his dog Ollie where he enjoys camping, fishing, and continues to work in the Healthcare field. When he is not writing he is pursuing his other interests.
I am an avid reader and reviewer. I also write on my Blog at or my author page 

1. What was your first published book? 

“My first published book was I wrote it as an answer to people who always asked me about politics and then wanted to argue about it. Within a year of its publication the Political Science teacher at the local College added it to his book list because it covered a lot of the topics his class covered in a refreshing point of view that you don’t find in academic books.”

2. Why do you enjoy writing as an indie author?

“The thing I enjoy most about being an indie author is that I am in total control of my writing. Prior to being a book author I wrote articles for magazines and trade journals. (Mostly in the Computer and Information Technology field) In that world you write your article and send it to your editor. They then chop it up and correct things and omit things and bang it appears in a magazine; often never even looking like the article you submitted. As an indie I am in total control my books come out exactly how I want them to. However on the flip side if I could find a decent editor that doesn’t charge excessive rates I’d be happier.”

3. The biggest challenge to being an indie author in today’s publishing world?

“I would have to say the stigma that comes with being labeled an indie. Many people tend to lump all indie’s into a group and paint them with the same brush. They assume all indie’s produce sub-par work that is riddled with typos and grammatical errors and then publish it just because they can. While I agree that there are a lot of books out there that are like this. It isn’t fair to judge all because of the works of the few. With technology where it is there is plenty of ways to see what a book is like before you purchase it.”

4. A favorite fan review or memory?

“After I had released the book , I had a reader send me an email. She started out by saying that she couldn’t believe how much it described her boyfriend. She followed by saying it really helped her to better understand not only her boyfriend but all the men she dealt with. What really stood out about this was that it really had helped her. It was even more rewarding for me than I think it was for her.”

5. Advice for new writers?

“This is simple: Follow your own voice too many new writers try to write like the authors they like. I have had an author say Tom Clancy is one of my influences and when I read their book it reads like a Tom Clancy novel. The problem with that is you are stifling your own creative forces by trying to imitate another author. Listen to your own voice and tell your story from your own voice. You and your readers will happier.” 

6. Goals for writing in the next year?

“My hope is to get at least one of my projects published this year. With my availability the way it is it is attainable. However it is still early and things can change. I also am working on the Second Edition of Politics 101 which will delve into more government issues and hopefully make for a better reading book. “

7. Anything exciting or new coming out soon?

“I am writing my first fiction title (or titles) since I tend to work on four or five projects at once to help avoid bouts of writers block. These are the projects in the works. Titles are subject to change.

Cowboy Up – This is a collection of short stories about rodeo life and people.
An Erotic Novel – A project that just kind of blossomed when I let the characters write the story.
Down Range – A book about a Special forces soldier and his experiences in the field. Based on true stories collected from interviews.
Rubber Chicken – A sci-fi mystery with cyborgs, robots, and a planet ruled completely by women.
Cult of Superman – An in depth look at the psychological syndrome known as the Superman complex. More commonly seen in Males than females.”

We look forward to your upcoming works! Thank you for this interview.



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