“The Road to Bedlam” (The Courts of the Feyre #2) – Mike Shevdon

Really interesting series with a unique twist on fantasy set in an alternative London.


The Road to Bedlam (Courts of the Feyre, #2) Imagine you are Nial. He recently had his life completely turned upside down finding out he is Feyre/Fey/Fairie. He barely escaped with his life after being hunted by all the seven courts of the Feyre including ‘The Untainted’. You think he should have earned a well deserved break, right? Our poor friend doesn’t get off that easy.

He just starts getting comfortable when the other shoe drops. He’s training to be a warder. He’s not great but he’s also not an absolute disaster. He’s settling in the cottage with Blackbird and has even found a way to get to see Alex, his daughter. Then Nial and his ex-wife get notified of a tragic accident at Alex’s school. Three girls are dead including his daughter. He mourns, he is heartbroken,and has become despondent, but one day for no explainable reason he searches in the mirror for his daughter more out of…

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