Author Interview with Amazing Children’s Indie Author Jocelyn Murray

Minecraft Books is delighted to interview Jocelyn Murray! Thank you, Jocelyn, for this unique privilege.

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

“Jocelyn Murray is a professional travel writer who also writes fiction. She is the author of Khu: A Tale of Ancient Egypt, as well as the teen/young adult historical fantasy fiction series The Gilded Mirror. She holds two university master’s degrees in both English and Education, along with an undergraduate degree in Economics and European Studies. She also has a teaching credential and taught elementary school in the Los Angeles Unified School District.”

1. What was your first published book?

“My first published book was The Gilded Mirror: Corfe Castle.

2. Why do you enjoy writing as an indie author?

“I love the freedom writing as an indie author provides.”

3. The biggest challenge to being an indie author in today’s publishing world?

“The biggest challenge to being an indie author in today’s publishing world is not being taken seriously. Indie authors do not have the same credibility that a publishing house provides.”

4. A favorite fan review or memory?

“A favorite memory: my daughter’s initial reaction to reading my first book The Gilded Mirror: Corfe Castle (which is dedicated to her): ‘“I can’t believe you wrote this!”’

5. Advice for new writers?

“Advice for new writers: write what you love. Don’t write what you think will sell. If you write what you love, it will sell itself.”

6. Goals for writing in the next year?

“My goals for writing in the next year: more of my professional writing – articles on family-friendly travels and venues.”

7. Anything exciting or new coming out soon?

“My 4th book was recently published in February of this year: Khu: A Tale of Ancient Egypt. It is an historical fiction book that takes place at the end of the First Intermediate Period over 4,000 years ago, and is based on real events.”



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