Monday’s Minecraft Thoughts…

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was a little busy. I had to finish up some projects and prepare for the week ahead.

I am sitting here in front of my computer, eating some Wendy’s and putting thoughts down on digital words.

It should be interesting to see the future of Minecraft. You wonder if something will eventually supplant this great idea or if it will continue to grow and stay alive for a long time?

When people hear Minecraft, they think of pixellated green blocks or LEGO esque characters carrying pick axes, but the real genius of Minecraft is something much more simple. In one word, it is creation.

Yes, creation and allowing within that creation  the tools to build anything you can imagine. That  is the simple genius of Minecraft. So many games today are very scripted. Game designers are not taught that great games are those that allow the user to create their own reality.

Games like Bioware’s Mass Effect series focused on character choice and making their own story. When a creative individual could design a working computer in Minecraft using Red Stone, we knew that the world was changed forever.

Simple game design, a prime example being Monopoly developed during the great depression, have these same simple elements. You have a defined set of rules, but within those rules you can choose. Do you buy Boardwalk and have only $200 after passing go and then land on your friend’s hotel at Pennsylvania Avenue? In the same vein of choice, do you go out and walk around at dark in Minecraft with skeletons and creepers about or do you stay inside and slowly starve?

Choice such a small but powerful word. Hopefully more games will incorporate this into their design.

On another cool note, Minecraft Books  released a new guide for Minecraft. Minecraft: The Ultimate Minecraft Combat Guide For Survival



Minecraft: The Ultimate Minecraft Combat Guide For Survival

An excerpt from the description:

“Learn everything you need to know in this handbook to become a true player of the game, master every weapon and defeat every enemy. Both new players and experienced players will learn something new! You can expect to learn:

How to Build a Fort
How to Craft Weapons
How to Craft Armor
Setting Traps
Fighting Monsters
Fighting Players
And Much More!”

Thank you for reading my friends. Have a great Monday!